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We offer various services on PC:

+ Virus clean up: Remove viruses, trojans, and unwanted programs.
+ System optimizing: Maximize your systems performance.
+ System upgrading: Upgrade your system including software and hardware.
– Memory upgrade
– Hard drive upgrade
– Processor upgrade
– Operation System upgrade

+ Component Replacing: Replace damaged or bad components with high quality parts.
– Motherboard Replacement
– Power Supply(ies) Replacement
– LCD Screen Replacement
– Hinge Replacement
– And much more

+ Data back up and Recovery: Back up your Data, transfer data from your old systems to new ones, Recover Data from bad Hard drives

+ Software Installation: Install software upon request.

our services

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of accessing and recovering information from digital media that is not accessible through standard means. This is a necessary service in a variety of situations from user error and deletion, to mechanical and physical damage on your storage device. If you are experiencing data loss, you need to contact a certified data recovery company to restore your digital life.